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by wingman

aluminum thread yey!! i dont care about material properties. its what i can afford.

khs..9.5kg.. can i put my mountain bike here? :)

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by wolfesquire

NO! You are SHUNNED! :lol: :welcome:
Just none of that carbon fooey of bikes. Only Aluminum :thumbup:

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by michel2

i like the look of that khs, nice work buddy !

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by wingman

thanks michel2!! :)

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by wolfesquire

Why do people post awesome looking 29ers, mtb, etc. making me want one :evil:

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by Werdna

IMG_7480 by LivingstonArt, on Flickr

IMG_7476 by LivingstonArt, on Flickr

IMG_7451 by LivingstonArt, on Flickr

IMG_7450 by LivingstonArt, on Flickr

My fixed Allez. Info on build can be found in my signature.

Changed seatpost out to Sworks and tuned a few parts since I originally posted so it weighs;

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by Krull

masters324 wrote:Regret selling it! It had so much more potential!

oh, i know that: regret selling this one as well (for nothing!), one of the biggest faults i made:

sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by TwiggyTN

My 2005 Bianchi FG-Lite 120th anniversary frame. Been a very good training bike for many years but not really stiff enough for racing imho. The next year they increased the size of the seat tube and chain stays to add some more stiffness. Sure the pros had different tubesets than the public frames at the time. Image


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by 53x12

Krull wrote:
oh, i know that: regret selling this one as well (for nothing!), one of the biggest faults i made:


Oh wow, what a beautiful frame. Very nice. I feel your hurt that you no longer have it. :cry:
"Marginal gains are the only gains when all that's left to gain is in the margins."

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by NapD

Borrowing this of a mate as he never rides (or has ridden!) it. Shame it's a tiny bit too small or I'd be keeping it and sticking some SR and decent finishing kit/wheels on there. The paint job is amazing in the flesh.


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by robncircus

Great thread. Two old steeds and a current ride.

Tsunami - stolen a couple of years ago :(

I rode this Giant for 5-6 years before I got my Spooky

And my Spooky. Love this bike.
Brewer McFadden says "Everyday should be the best day ever"

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by WillT

@robncircus: How do you like the Spooky compared to the Tsunami?

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by JummsBikeStudio

My Giant TCR, @5.5kg.

One of my favorite, compare to other Alu frame :)

Built list>> viewtopic.php?f=10&t=86242

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by nsiegel

Gaulzetti Corsa: people are asking about Craig's bikes. I just picked up my new Corsa last week. Totally custom; Craig measured out my Parlee Z3
Superlight and spent a lot of time talking to me about what I like with that bike. For the Corsa, he spec'd out geometry, tube lengths, front/center measurements, everything. Not 'off the shelf" in any way. For reference, I also have in addition to the Parlee (a custom layup), a Time VXR, Colnago Extreme Power, and an earlier Trek Madone. The Gaulzetti blew me away. I have, other than my Parlee, never been so amazed by a bike. The Corsa build is as follows: Lightweight Gen III tubulars, DA 7900 shifters and derailleurs, Rotor 3D+ Crankset with Praxis chainrings, TRP 970SL Magnesium brakeset, Selle San Marco Aspide Carbon Racing Saddle, Deda Zero 100 Stem, Enve Compact carbon bars, Zipp carbon bottle cages, and Look Keo Blade / Ti pedals. So, I bought the frameset and "built" what I wanted in terms of parts. The Lightweights are not the softest riding wheels and I've ridden them with the Colnago and the Parlee. My first ride this weekend, 2 plus hours, on the Corsa and the bike is totally compliant, incredibly stiff side to side, cornered on rails, soaked up some really bad tarmac, and wanted to be pushed. The entire time I received feedback through the bike but no more than with my Parlee. The Gaulzetti has a better feel (for me) than all the bikes I own except for the Parlee. The bike completely disappeared beneath me and isn't that the goal? It's slightly heavier than the Parlee (also spec'd out with a lot of trick stuff and Enve wheels) at 15.1 pounds, including pedals and water bottle cages. The Parlee weighs 14.2 pounds. Weight isn't really Craig's driver or biggest concern. He told me that he wanted to make sure I was centered on the bike and I feel as if I am. The bike itself feels so balanced front to back and so "right". Craig nailed the geometry and the build for me. I don't know much about the tubing except that it's his own spec from Dedaccai, and the guy welding the frames isn't shy with his beads, but it rides like no other bike I have and I can't wait to get out on it again. You can't go wrong with this bike. My benchmark has been my Parlee and nothing else I've ridden comes close until now and the Gaulzetti is every bit the equal of the Parlee, just in a different way. Talk to Craig, or the guys at Embro. I've known Craig for a long time and he's nothing but honest and straight forward. If, after talking to you about what you want from a bike, he may just tell you that his bike isn't the right bike for you. He isn't going to put you on something that isn't right for a rider. I knew the Corsa would be right for me and it is, in every respect.

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by grzegosz

Here's my aluminium bike, not WW, but i'll make some updates by winter (Sram Rival shifters and derailleurs are waiting to install, lighter wheels and fork, better saddle).


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