Fairlight Strael / Campag SR11 / 8.425kg (Help me find the missing 300g!)

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by kroem

Bought this as a winter bike, but ... meh, I'm not a winterbiker so now it's just my endurance thingy. Might be a bikepacking option.

Got the frameset used, unseen, and it is/was in pretty bad shape. Paint is chipped and some rust. Made a deal with myself that if I use the bike enough I'll have it restored/painted.

Rides beautifully smooth, of course a bit heavy but hey so am I!

Here's the thing - on my scale it's 8.425ish. I'm my spreadsheet I mostly have weights from the Internet or my own, old, numbers. This wasnt' supposed to be a WW build so was lazy.

The sheet comes up to about 8200. I guess maybe the frame is closed to 2kg? Any idea if I'm missing something else? :beerchug:
  • Part Name Weight
    Total (gram) 8145
    Total (lbs) 17,96
    Frame Fairlight Strael 1.0 54R 1700
    Fork Fairlight Anraed 365
    Seatpost Thomson Elite Silver 25.4 with shim 300
    Seat collar Hope 21
    Saddle Berk Lupina Leather 132 94
    Handlebars Pro Vibe Aero Pursuit 40cm 330
    Tape + plugs Ritchey Cork 45
    Stem Tune Geiles 95mm 111
    Headset Hope 120
    Top Cap Carbon Ti + Expander X-Plug 20
    Spacers Hope 5

    Front Brifter Lever Campagnolo Super Record 11 331
    Rear Brifter Lever Campagnolo Super Record 11
    - Front Caliper Juin Tech GT-f 140
    - Front Pads 14
    - Front Rotor Galfer Wave CL 160 100
    - Rear Caliper Juin Tech GT-f 140
    - Rear Pads 14
    - Rear Rotor Galfer Wave CL 160 100
    Front Derailleur Campagnolo Super Record 11 72
    Rear Derailleur Campagnolo Super Record 11 172
    Cables/Housing Jagwire Pro Brake / Campag Shift 250

    Crankset Campagnolo Record 53/39 651
    - Chainring 1
    - Chainring 2
    Bottom Bracket Campagnolo BSA UT Cups 50
    Cassette/Freewheel SRAM XG-1190 165
    Chain Guide/Catcher
    Chain SRAM XX1 260

    Front Wheel Farsport Feder 45 on DT240 Exp 1350
    - Front Rim
    - Front Hub
    - Front Spokes
    - Front Nipples
    - Front Tape/Plugs
    - Front Tire Continental GP5000S TR 32mm 320
    - Front Tube Tubolito Tubo-Road 43
    - Front Sealant/Glue
    - Front Skewer/Bolt SWTXO Ti 30

    Rear Wheel Farsport Feder 45 on DT240 Exp
    - Rear Rim
    - Rear Hub
    - Rear Spokes
    - Rear Nipples
    - Rear Tape/Plugs
    - Rear Tire Continental GP5000S TR 32mm 320
    - Rear Tube Tubolito Tubo-Road 43
    - Rear Sealant/Glue
    - Rear Skewer/Bolt SWTXO Ti 30

    Bottle Cage 1 Selcof carbon 25
    Bottle Cage 2 Selcof carbon 25
    Miscellaneous 1 Knog Scout 29
    Miscellaneous 2 Assioma Favero Duo 310
    Miscellaneous 3 HideMyBell Raceday SL 50
    Miscellaneous 4
    Miscellaneous 5

    Meassured Weight 8425
Waltly Gravel (stolen... and found!)
P-X Spitfire Ti
Fairlight Strael

Canyon Ultimate SLX 6.7kg (crashed)
Tantan GR039 7.2kg (sold)

by Weenie

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