Cannondale SuperSix Evo HM

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by Laustsen

Hi there…

Just got back at WW due to a “new” build.

I was riding for a Gran Fondo Team in DK, where we had been given a specialized Tarmac SL 6. It had never been a fan of specialized - but have to admit they do make good bikes. I just miss the soul.
Well I was getting to busy bring a family man, and the time to spent on the road with the team just got less. Tough choise and I sad bye, not only to the team but also the SL6 frame.
An empty feeling - no team and with a bike missing the frame.
But the day after… I feld like a single…! All the possibilities, no expectations, no demandings, disk or rim brakes…?

Well I had my DA Di2 group and my LW meilensteins, so changing to disk was not an option, since I really like those parts. Buy new similar parts for disk does not match the budget with two hungry boys. So it turned or to somekind of budget build, using the existing parts on a new (for me) rim brake frame.
I knew i wanted a top frame - but with something that is not seen so often. Now that nearly no one produces rim brake frames anymore, it became a second hand frame.
I always had a soft spot for the supersix. Dont know why - but it just frels right the right spots. And as a new bike-single, the chase was on…!

I found some supersix evo, but few was the HM model. And then the Lightning hit!
I contacted the dealer, i saw the bike (it saw me), we started kissing… and then She moved in…

I really had a Big smile at and the hours in the workshop just was good. My boys was a bit upset why the was put in bed early every night what week…

Frame/fork: Cannondale supersix evo High Mod
Seatpost: save
Seat: specialized romin s works
Stem/bar: vision metron 5D
Bartape: Lightweight
Bottlecages: Tune
Bolts: extralite
Braking cables: nokon
Brakes: Sram Red
Front derailleur: shimano Dura Ace 9150 Di2
Rear derailleur: shimano Dura Ace 9150 Di2 w/Ceramic speed arm
Crankset: Rotor 3D+ power
Bottom Bracket: CeramicSpeed PF4630 coated
Chainrings: Rotor Q rings 53/39
Chain: campa chorus 11s
Cassette: shimano ultegra 11-25
Wheels: Lightweight Meilenstein 20spokes. Upgrade with CeramicSpeed and light body.
Tires: Continental GP 5000
Tubes: Continental supersonic
Pedals: Shimano Dura ace upgraded with Ceramicspeed
Garmin edge 820


Just had a few rides before the nasty danish weather was i reality, and enjoyed it all out.

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by Singular

Supersix, right...?

by Weenie

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by TurboKoo

Looks stunning but also that’s SuperSix EVO. Nice bike.
Cannondale SuperSix
Shimano 9270

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by Laustsen

Singular wrote:Supersix, right...?
Yes - my bad!

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by Laustsen

TurboKoo wrote:Looks stunning but also that’s SuperSix EVO. Nice bike.
Thank you.

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