Ryan's Portable Bike (Calfee Luna Pro with S&S Couplers)

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by RyanH

@MichaelK no worries, I did not take any offense, I was just curious why you asked. This bike came with a 45mm rake fork and a 72.5 HTA which is right around what I prefer on bikes. 43mm rake for 72.5 HTA is my preference but I doubt 2mm makes much difference. On the Indy Fab, that was 72.5 HTA and came with a 50mm rake fork which was strange. Handling felt off on that bike until I swapped in a 43mm rake fork.

@dlj2119 that nude finish is very pretty.

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by rollinslow

That is going to be an awesome build and perfect travel bike. What other changes are you thinking to make? Groupset?
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by Weenie

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by themidge

nahh why'd you take off some of the graphics they looked good?? Sick bike though, crazy how much a nice build can do for slightly odd frames like a Calfee.

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