Pinarello F12 Rim brake build

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by MortenJ

Looks nice. I've got the sideral grey yesterday.

But the internal routing through the Talon Ultra to the rear brake (rim) is driving me nuts - it's very sloppy and spongy. Do you have any advice to do that properly?

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by zappafile123

Boshk wrote:
Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:01 am
Still waiting on parts but its finally built.
Isn't as light as I thought but then again I knew that.

Mechanical did NOT work, at least I couldn't get it to work. Hope this helps whoever is thinking about it.

Installed a Campagnolo Chorus groupset on it using Most stem and a standard handlebar.

2 main issues came out:
1st was the spacer adapter for the cables to run internally.....its hard and sharp which basically started to strip the brake housing cover....I tested it a few times turning my handlebar and I could see it eating all the way to the cable itself

2nd issue: On my workstand, shifting was good but once on the ground while turning the handlebar, the FD would self shift....yes....self shift each time I turned the bar. There is actually no extra cabling room like a 'standard' bike

So I threw that out and went di2.
Campy 12 spd EPS would have been ideal but for that price, I could equipped both my C60 and F12 with DA R9150 di2 AND Favero Assioma duo......(prices based on the Black Friday stuff....tomorrow!)
A bit late to this, but if it were me building it, I'd just get a file to smooth off the edges to reduce cable friction through the headset cable guide. The reason you were getting shifting when turning the bars is that you must have cut the housing too short. If you watch Pinarello's video, they are cutting the housing at least 5 cm longer than where the ferrules slot into the cable guide insert. That extra slack will let you turn the bars without affecting cable tension. I imagine when you built it, turning the bars was pretty stiff?
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