Corratec pedals - tell me all about them please

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by tommasini

The Corratec Easy click Ti pedals - those that got em or once had them please tell me about them to help make an informed choice.

First my questions - do they use ball/roller bearings and if so are the seals decent? I don't want bushings like used on eggbeaters......

Second, do they use shimano compatible cleats and if so the single release or multi-release (my other bike has shimanos and it would be nice if 1 pair of shoes could work on both).

Third - any float in the cleat/pedal interface and if so about how much?

Lastly, how do they perform in general - Ok to clip into or out of? (I don't unclip very often and I don't ride in the mud very much if I can help it)


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by karlux

Corratec Easy Click pedals have ball bearings and they work pretty well, the problem is that the mud cap which also fix pedal play can be lost easily (actually I think that it won't happen if you tighten it well). Sometimes they squeak a little, but the seals seams to be decent all the time!
You can use Corratec cleats with Shimano pedals, but they will not work very well. But if you want to use Shimano cleats, you will have to make some small modifications (ask for details, if interested).
As the pedal doesn't use any springs in the system, there is practically no float, but the metal plates which holds cleat in place are pretty weak! In the World Championships Lugano 03 I broke one side of the pedal system, because the track was very rocky and those thingies aren't very durable! Otherwise they are as shimano pedals, only you can't adjust the clipping in/out strength!
They clip very well and they work well in mud too! But there is little difference with shimano pedals, because you have to put your feet a bit more forward while clipping in, but it is normal while you are riding!
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by tommasini

Thanks for the insight Karlux

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by Bianchi_EV4


the Easy Click Pedals are the best choice i ever made !
The first point ist the Pedals have only 240 Gramm with ti-Spindle.
The second ist they clip good in each condition (mud is no Problem)
For the float you can choose from two different metal Plates with different
float (22degrees or i believe 11 dgrees) and for the strength of clipping in and out you can choose also from two different metal-plates with material thickness of 1,2mm or 1,5mm. I choose 22degrees and 1,2mm plates (my weight is 68 kg)
The third point is that you havent any to do at this pedal, it works and works and works..

so now the negatives

the outer bushings is ball beared but the inner one isnt. At this point ther is metal (messing in German ?) direct on the ti spindle :-(
This is not so good because the pedal becomes some play, but this is not so bad for me, maybe for you

The metal plates broke some time but really not often.

I have three pairs of the pedals >>>i think they are really good.
BTW at Ebay i got them for cheap


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