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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by Tippster

1) Go to the toilet - 1,500g
2) Ride naked - 2,000g
3) take the stabilisers off - 1,000g
4) remove seatpost and saddle - 300g
5) remove brakes - 600g
6) remove front mounted shopping basket - 500g

Hope this helps and feel good that you haven't had to invest a single penny, or cent to bring these great weight savings.

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by elendil

Arrgh, the police arrested me for biking naked, that was expensive! Don't you try your tips before telling them anybody? Or is ist in britain common?

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

tipster, you take 3lb dumps? Man, eat some fiber or something, thats like giving birth.

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by masterskier

If you remove your seat, d o n t f o r g e t t o r e m o v e
y o u r s e a t p o s t !!!!!!! THAT WOULD GIVE YOU NEW EXPERIENCES IN THE WORLD OF GAY !!! :oops:

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