Giant XTC Advanced v. XTC Advanced SL (difference now known)

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by bluefww

Am I right in thinking that it's purely a name difference and nothing else?


XTC Advanced = T700 tubing.

XTC Advanced SL = T800 tubing.

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by yourdaguy

T800 would be stronger/lighter than T700. The T refers to toray (sp)? it is a rating for carbon fiber. The SL should be a few grams (100 maybe) lighter because they can use less material since it is stronger material.
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

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by mathi

Just got my Advanced SL 1185 gms frame only in small 8)

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by scott_racer

Just to be pedantic :smartass: , T700 and T800 do refer to the grade of Toray carbon fibres used, but the number refers to the stiffness not strength of the fibre. T800 is stiffer than T700 (296 vs 228 GPa) hence you need less of it to make a frame of equivalent stiffness to one made from T700. So that's why the T800 frame is lighter.

Interestingly, because of the inverse relationship between stiffness and strength, T800 actually has a slightly lower strength. But that is of little concern given that the driver for frame design is stiffness not strength. In other words, when a company designs a frame to achieve are certain stiffness it will surpass strength requirements.

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