Tuning Avid Juicy brakes with alloy/Ti bolts

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by hardy

Hi all,
I have a pair of 160mm (front + rear) Avid Juicy 5s fitted to my bike. Now I know the aren't really weight weenie brakes, but a like the way they work/feel and can't afford replacing them for lighter weight ones.
Looking over them i was wondering if i could swap some bolts for alloy or Ti bolts.

* 4 bolts on the lever clamps.
* 4 bolts attaching calliper to the mount.
* 4 bolts attaching mount to the frame.
* 6 bolts attaching the calliper halves together (3 per calliper).

The lever bolts would be alloy, but the rest I'm not sure about. Will it be safe to bolt the calliper to the mount and the mount to the frame with alloy bolts, or would these need to be Ti.
On the calliper, there are actually 4 bolts per brake holding it together. The biggest is the steel bolt that also attaches the hose. I obviously can't replace this major bolt with a normal alloy/Ti bolt. So if I kept the main steel bolt, could I replace the the other M5 bolts with alloy ones?

All bolts would be supplied from pro bolt.
I realise I probably wont lose a massive amount of weight, but I'm also wanting to swap the bolts for aesthetics.
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by cerro

Have a pair of Juicy Ultimates and changed the bolts for them, should be the same for you.
Lever clamps: 4 M5x15 alubolts
Adapter for you: 4 M6x20mm ti or alu (I have alu at the rear but haven't tried it yet)
For the brake caliper: 4 M6x20mm tibolts and you can take the spacers or what they are called on the outside the caliper like I've done:
/jonas l
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