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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by Epic

I just got a new 2002 Epic in the fall. I had been used to the weight of my hardtail and the epic is a good 3 or 4 pounds more. I love the bike I am just looking for the best ways to get the weight down. It's the base model epic, I have already switched to lighter brakes. I am not opposed to spending some cash to get it lighter. What do you guys think are the best ways for me to lighten it up.
Never stop pedaling

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by Esben

Mine is not finished, my next goal is to get it under 10.

As you can see, it´s possible to make a quite light FS out of the Epic-frame. I´ve just got a pair af B4sl´s and a set of Chris King ISO, but still it´s possible to make the bike much lighter than this.

AH cap + bolt Fusion Carbon w. steel bolt 14
Bar ends Ritchey wcs 85
Bottel cage Tune Carbon 8
Bottom bracket Shimano XT 250
Brake levers Avid, Speed dial ultimate w. ti bolts 150
Brakes Shimano XTR + steel bolts 394
Cables Jagwire 118
Cassette Ultegra 284
Chain rings FSA, Ta, 44,32,22 0
Chain Sram pc 99 hollow pin 265
Crankset FSA Carbon + chainrings + alu bolts 542
Crankbolts Steelbolt + aftrækker i alu 40
Delr. Front Shimano xt w. alu bolt 120
Delr. Rear Shimano XTR, alu bolt 238
Fork SID sl 2001, + starnut 1340
Frame Spec. Epic - S-Works, alu bolts, ti studs 2733
Grips Tape 10
Handlebar X-lite, titanium 148
headset FSA - 94
Wheel fronr Chris King, DT titanium, X 517, spline
Wheel rear Chris King, rev (2X) + comp (3X), X 517, spline 1433
Pedals Eggbeater Steel 287
Quick releases X-lite, titanium 68
Seat clamp Home made 16
Seat SLR 140
Seatpost Thomson 250
Shifters Shimano XT without indi. 215
Stem Ritchey 125
Tire front Conti, twister supersonic 335
Tire rear Conti, twister supersonic 330
Tubes Michelin, latex 258
Chainstay protection 10
tape + … 10

Total 10310

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by plarto

Are you from Aalborg or?

Are you satisfied with your Chris King hubs on the Epic?

/Rasmus, Skanderborg MTB

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by Esben

Hey Rasmus

Yes, I´am from Aalborg. Do I know you?

And yes, I´am very satisfied with my Chris King hubs, but I have just changed to Formula B4sl disc and Chris King ISO (still need some spokes for the rear).

What do you ride?


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by plarto

Jeg kender Claus Hesselberg som kører sammen med jer, og jeg kigger engang imellem på jeres messageboard. Har kørt i Hammer Bakker, Lundby Krat og Rold Skov i mange år, men bor nu i Skanderborg og har byttet de nordjyske skove ud med Marselisskoven, Himmelbjerget, Slåensø og alle de fede fede steder.

I've been riding a Cannondale F2000SL since 2001, and I've just switched it to a Epic Marathon '04 - a really "hardtail-killer". The Fox F100X and the Brain works tremendous.

I'm thinking about upgrading it, but I'm not sure what kind of upgrades will give me best benefit. I'll buy a carbon flat bar and maybe some Hugi 240 hubs. Have you got any good advices?

Rasmus, Skanderborg MTB

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

on the 04 Epics, the rear shock link is made of carbon, which apparently helps the suspension function (less flex) and its a lot lighter. You could look into getting a new link, but I'd probably only do that after i exhausted my easier and cheaper options. Here in the US there is a magazine called mountain bike action, and a few months ago they had an article about bringing epics down in weight to make them a CC racer, you might try searching that on the web.

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by plarto

I've looked at in the back issue section, but I can't find a specific article about Tuning an Epic, but I've ordered some of the backissues. In the July issue, there's a comparison between Epic, Blur, Spider and Giant VT. Maybe it's the right issue.

Thanks for the hint :-)


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