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by alesupper

I looked on Specialzed's website for the weight of the BG S-Works MTB shoes and it states 305g (1/2 pair) i.e. one shoe. So do all manufacturers use this method when weighing their shoes? The Mavic Fury's weight is 350g so is that for one shoe or the pair?

by Weenie

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by px

305g for one MTB shoe is quuuite light already, and I actually am going to get those exact ones soon. So, 350g kinda has to be for one shoe too.

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by mattr

How durable are all these super light mtb shoes? I know I have to occasionally run when the terrain gets steep and rocky, exactly the sort of stuff that trashes light weight kit.......

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by Vortechcoupe

I talked to specialized early this week about the s-works mtn shoes. They DO NOT make them with 2 boa knobs. He said the reason for this is that when testing them the lower knob was too prone to damage and that it just didn't make sense to risk the customer have the shoe break from contact with rocks etc.. He said the replacement cost, under warrantee or out of the customers pocket would be too much to keep replacing the lower knob.

I'm planing on getting a set soon but my shop doesn't have them in stock and i'm not sure which color i want.

The fellow I talked to on the phone was very helpful, didn't seem like I was bothering him, etc.. very positive experience. He mentioned that if I were to buy them from specialized's online store that my LBS would get a kickback from the sale, based on my zip code. This goes for all online orders. They also have a 30 day return/exchange policy.

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by jb

The S Works mtb shoes fits well but one bad thing for me is the 'plastic laces'.
From one shoe it broke so you cant use the shoe at that time unless you have some tie wraps with you.
You can buy a new 'lace',but when i pay around 350usd(250 euro) for the shoes i do not want too spend 30usd(20 euro) after 4 months of use.
I expected a better shoe for this money.
The 'lace'was not broke by a rock or something,just damage of lock and unlock.

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by shadwell

HAHA ref the weight, approx 300 gms a side as per the Bont add..depending on size.

Big however though....i had a walk out his weeknd (double flat.. sh1t), and many of the tread blocks delaminated from the sole and broke up and fell off. The adhesion is just not suitable on to smooth gloss carbon, and the screws can only hold on so long before the tread blocks tear and come off... You are then left trying to walk off road in carbon slipper.. yeehah.... zero grip...
The carbon sole and fabric upper consequently took a hammering,( the upper material is very soft). In short after a 20 minute walk out they are looking rooted. Obviously walk outs are not the norm but the are a very real part of MTB riding, so I'd expect the shoe should hold up to it with ease.

I am followin gup with Bont currently to make sure they are ware of the shortcomings of this particular pair.
Previously they have been exceptional with their handling of any issues, communication and support.

I'll let yo know ho i go.

On the plus side they are about 50gms lighter now as no tread....... :-)

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by Cyclomaster

ResurrectionRacing wrote:Cool, let us know....

Custom colour as well....

Not only the colour are custom, you can order the shoes with custom sole.

Sole like the A One Road and so on.

I have testet these shoes on eurobike.

Sorry my english is ver bad but i love these shoes.

There are not only light, there are the stiffest shoes there are wear in my life.

I have read in a german Blog that some proffesionals use them on australian campionships with overshoes ;-))

Speedware Bike Blog

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by Vortechcoupe

Got my 2010 Spec S-works last night, size 45. Weight is 346 and 350 grams.

Size 45 in these fit like a 45.5 sidi.

I haven't ridden them yet but they feel nice.

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by ukiz

ResurrectionRacing wrote:Well iv gone for the Gaerne Wallaby plus......

Let you know how i get on.... They are white as well....

Get the bedded in on turbo... will weigh em when they come..

Any updates on the Gaerne? They look good, but I'm finding that their older models were heavy, so I'm wondering how the new Wallabys are? Thanks!

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by Marreiros

What about the Bontrager RXL mountain shoe?

Any feedback on the weight and confort?
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by Liggero

I bring up this thread to ask some questions about the Mavic shoes. I use sidi eagle 5 in mtb and sidi five in my road bike. Sidi's are quite narrow, which is good for my feet. I use specialized bg inner sole, the blue one but trimmed a bit, as i have kinda flat feet but not too much, and sidis already have a tiny bit arch inside without the inner sole. Sidi inner sole is crap. Sidi eagle 5 sole is not stiff enough, specially after 5 seasons, i even feel the cleat while hammering the pedal up from the saddle.

Sidi's are nice, racing fit, upper last quite long, but I don't like that they don't improve over the years, the higher models are way too expensive. Mine have no toe protection, and where I ride rocks jump quite often, i already had large stones jumping straight to my toes and it hurted quite a bit. Bont shoes are not recommended for real mtb, they won't last enough. Even bont recommend them just for commuting.

Anyways, planning on buying a mavic tempo shoes, as the other are kinda expensive for my current budget. I use sidi size 46, what mavic size should I order? Are the tempo sole stiff enough or should i order the mavic chasm better? I don't really walk or run on my mtb rides.

thanks in advance.
Happy Trails !!!

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