Good news from Juan Pelota's (XX related)

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by Colin

I just spent all day at the Juan Pelota's(lance Armstrong) race site.
Anyways the guys from Sram were there with XX, so I decided to ask some questions.

In case you were wondering the XX rear derailluer cage is all carbon. Unlike one side carbon and one alu. Like X0.

According to the SRAM guys the xx triggers are about 5 grams heavier than X0 gripshifts.

And finnally for the one you've all been waiting for...
Greg herbold told me in person that for the XX gripshifts they wanted to do them 'right' and make them sweet. And that they are being tested right now in Italy, I think is where he said. He said that they should be released sometime next year.

Tommorow I'm gonna ask about the possibility of Zipp mountain bike wheels. :)

by Weenie

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by Vallinotti

very, very, very nice!!!!!!!

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by schmiken


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by Rogue

At long last. :)
Pain is weakness leaving the body.

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by DMF

very nice, at long last and yes? No, that doesn't do it... I think what we meant to say was WOOOHHOOHHOHHOOOO!!!! :wink:

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by Kwik

This is a good start for the week. I think I'll be happy all weak :mrgreen: (Damn I'm scare myself)

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

The XX trigger weight is pretty good. I got a right side trigger only, 80gr without the cable and clamp... The standalone clamp is 10gr but I'll be using a R1 MixMaster clamp. That's close to my X.0 Grip Shifts... But still, many people will be happy to learn that XX Grip Shifts will happen. :thumbup:

Wonder what's so complicated though, they already had much lighter Grip Shifts with their old Plasma and the current ones work great.

While I'm at it, my 11-36 cassette was right on target at 208gr including lockring and the rear derailleur is 180gr.

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by micanuck

if the XX gripshift rumour is indeed true... i'm going to start saving up now!... i'm a recent gripshift convert but a believer - i doubt I'll go back to triggers... :mrgreen:


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by eliflap-scalpel

where is the test spot , here in Italy ?

Massa Marittima ?


by Colin

eliflap-scalpel wrote:where is the test spot , here in Italy ?

Massa Marittima ?

Not sure, He just said Italy.
Keep your eyes open, though! :D

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by nitropowered

I heard about the XX grip rumor at interbike, but wasn't completely sure if it was true

by Weenie

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