got a Scott Scale 30 frame for free, one issue though

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by merkyworks

so i had a friend give me a 2007 scott scale frame (carbon version) for free. he gave it to me because the non-replaceable der hanger has a crack were the rear der would thread into the hanger. its not bent but there is a definite crank splitting the der thread hole. im NOT trying to get any replacement from scott and nor will i try, that was the agreement in getting the frame for free and im perfectly fine with that. so im wondering what my options are for the frame. im thinking to make it into a WW SS cause i have never had one and i would have a great frame so start with. I thought about finding a welder to weld the crack and then re-tape the threads but im wondering if the heat will effect the carbon around that area and if heating the alum dropout/hanger will weaken it alot. dont think that sending it to calfee is an option because there is nothing wrong with the carbon and i dont think that he fixes alum non-replaceable dropouts/hangers.

so what would you do with the frame?

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by schmiken

Give it to me ;)

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by Briscoelab

I would still try and contact Calfee... wouldn't hurt to ask.

Otherwise, get an Eno Disc hub and make a nice single speed :)

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by nitropowered

Ask Scott to sell you the rear dropout and then knock out the broken one and glue in the new one

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by Griswald4x4

I would try and go single too. Theres just something sweet about a super-high end single speed.

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by yourdaguy

Scott probably buys their der hangers from one of the many frame supply shops. In other words, it is probably a standard part from some frame shop. You could probably locate one and epoxy it into the correct location or have Calfee do it. In fact, Calfee probably knows what part number it is.

I do like the trick bottom bracket SS idea though.
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

too slow
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by too slow

I'm going to catch hell for this but I'm going to post it anyway. JB weld it, and then retap the derailleur hanger. JB weld or other similar products can be machined after curing. It will do the job.

I doubt that Scott would sell you just the derailleur hanger(but I could be wrong), and if I remember that frame correctly its not an of the shelf droupout. Scott is the only one who uses that one.

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by merkyworks

ya knowing how the frame is made the rear alum piece isnt just glued onto the rear carbon, it actually has some tabs that run into the chainstays and seatstays. ill try sending calfee an email with photos cause it can never hurt to ask. I dont know about the JB weld idea, the last thing that i want is to have this thing built up with nice wheels and XX and because the JB weld gives i end up throwing the der into the wheel and BOOM. thats kind of why i was leaning toward a WW SS the eccentric BB seem cool but they have a hefty weight penalty to them. I was kind of leaning toward a rear tensioner like the DMR one that ties into the axle for the main support and just uses the hanger hole for tension adjustment. I think that the crack should be ok with the little force that is put on it. im figureing that even with a fox or sid fork on the front that i should be able to get a 17-18 pound bike without going really crazy on part, just using xtr cranks, brakes and so on.


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by srides

There might be an easy (and cheap) solution for you...
There is a product called the "dropout saver", a threaded insert for a drilled-out dropout threads.
If I understand your problem, this might do the trick by clampng the split dropout together from both sides:

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by miceden

Wasnt there a retro-fit that scott dealers could do to scale frames that had the non-replaceable hanger?

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by blazin-saddles

You can buy a new dropout kit from Scott for the original Scale. You have to saw the old one off and then drill slightly but it works and will 100% fix your problem.

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by merkyworks

haha omg you are right! i emailed scott (they responded back within 30 min, just awesome customer service!!) and there support guy said that the part# is 204648 for the kit. wow what a day, hmm so now is it a SS or full on sram XX bike :unbelievable:

for any future people with this issue the part# is 204648 and the part looks like this
scale_hanger.jpg (6.05 KiB) Viewed 2710 times

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by yourdaguy

So I guess the der hanger is NOT non-replaceable?
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

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by mattr

yourdaguy wrote:So I guess the der hanger is NOT non-replaceable?
there are two versions kicking around (at least) the early ones had non-replaceable hangers, the later ones have replaceable hangers.

BUT i have heard, but not seen, of a kit to convert/replace the non-replaceable hanger with a special replaceable hanger.

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