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by Colin

What's a good light multi-tool, with a chain breaker?
This Specialized one has everything I need and is pretty light, any lighter ones with the same tools?

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by Rey

by Weenie


by Colin

Don't think I've ever seen those before, pretty cool. That carbon multi tool's pretty sweet.

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by elephant

As always the lightest multi-tool is the one someone else is carrying.

My work is done here.

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by zach

168 grams, crank brothers

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by prodigy

This one is light and cheap, but the quality is not so great:

But if you need it only from time to time it's a great tool.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Prodigy, had one of those. Great as long as you don't have to use the dang thing. Got rid of it.
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by prodigy

I agree with you Powerful Pete, I used it only a couple of times and for now it's holding on quite ok.

But it's better to have proper tools near by if something more serious happens.

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by pieterp

I really like my Topeak Multi 18 but I don't think it is the lightest. But is as served me and my friends on several occasion and really saved the ride on some days.

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by Batas

Lezyne CRV12. I compared it to the specialized one and it is better.I wouldn't buy one likr prodigy posted. Very hard to use all the functions. ... rv-12.html


by Colin

Thanks guys,
Looks like I'll probably get that Lezyne.

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by Cheers!

Topeak Hexus. Because it has tire levers

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by Megaclocker

4mm + 5mm allen key (separate)
1 campy tire lever (i love those)
1 park chain toop (the small one)

by Weenie

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