LIGHTEST disc wheelset for mtb

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by BrianAllan

903g =
26" A/X Lightness tubular rims
Tune Prince + Princess
CX Ray Spokes

I suspect they're rather stiff (in a good way).

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by danielbahia

Tiffster wrote:There are options on the adapters for disc, im running two i modded, and there are some out there at 9 grams a piece! Lot of work though.

Hi... Could you show us this?

BTW, with 190 and CX Ray, what is the lightest recommended rim? (For a 78kg MTB Racer! :D :wink: )

by Weenie

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by aki

--> Ole and barbe bleue

Any comments on the performance of Innolite rims? Have you already put some kilometers on them to give a new test report.

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by Tiffster

If you go to MTBR forums, weight weenies section and look for centrelock tune you can find the pics and info about the ones i tuned and the ones another member (who also posts here) tuned - he got his down to 9g i believe. Maybe he will read this and post the pics here to make thing easier :)

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Gran Sport
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by Gran Sport

thanks Tiffster

funny, i was considering machining another SSL batch soon

we've been "field testing" our 1st batches of 10g & 15g centrelock adapters for 6 months, well over 1500 miles now without any problems at all, they seem to be perfectly safe for XC use. however we haven't tested anything heftier than a drilled 180mm steel Magura rotor & have mostly been using 180mm & 160mm Scrub rotors

the SSL centrelock adapters are between 9g raw & 10g matte white ceramic: ... 780780325/

the SL centerlock adapters are between 15g raw & 16g matte white ceramic: ... 068055299/
10g mod centrelock adapter.jpg
SSL mod centrelock adapter
16g mod centrelock adapter.jpg
SL mod centrelock adapter

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by Jakomait

Ole wrote:Project Sub Kilo is finshed! Or just started, really, as I have yet to ride the wheels. :mrgreen:

I spent the last few nights building them, with the rims weighing in at 239.2g and 241.2g.

28h front. 89g hub, wheel weight 434g

28h rear wheel, 170g hub, wheel weight 524g


Hey Ole,
Impressive build!
Any update on this wheelset? Tires staying on, rims holding up?

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by Ole

The wheels held up fine, but after the last race of the season, I noticed that the front wheel was wobbly. The rim had cracked. The race was muddy and with very fast downhill, lots of sideways sliding and hitting roots etc. I'm surprised I didn't break more stuff.

This year I'm taking a different approach to my race bike. Whereas before, I rode ok in the technical parts despite of my light and flexy bike, because I'm very good technically. This year, I want a bike that lets me really benefit from my technical skills, and let me utilize it to the fullest. As a result, I've re-built the wheels with Crest rims. Super stiff, and still only 1132g! The bike is now an Intense Spider2 with SID 120 up front and 130mm of accelleration- and bump friendly VPP action in the rear. Weight will be around 9.5kg in summer trim, and it absolutely screams on the downhills and difficult climbs.

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by jooo


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by buzz

its very nice going super light with all components , we all look at n want the lightest race bike on the circuit ,,but i the real world they dont last , if they did all top manufacturers would b making super light goodies , u never see the top world cup racers using 900g wheelsets etc , its all about a happy medium n finishing races

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by jooo

@buzz - this may come off harsh as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but seriously your post is pointless in this thread :thumbup:

Here's the opening post for reference...
Mads Kock wrote:What is the lightest disc wheelset for mtb? don't comment on durability - I'm just curisous. Remember reading about Ole from Norway was planing a sub 1200 grams wheelset.

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by facelessfools

yes its a Mack.
its getting built soon, when it comes back ill get good photos of it for you guys.

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by facelessfools

now i'd be worried about those wheels... anybody know what hubs those are?

by Weenie

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by Rider10

Ole wrote:... I've re-built the wheels with Crest rims. Super stiff, and still only 1132g!

How are these wheels going? Did you re-use the extralite hubs? Spokes?

1132g is an awesome weight for a Crest wheelset. I'd love to hear more about that wheelset.

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