Extralite Cyberends 37.06 gr. new World Record!

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by jbbikerider

Never was questioned about cost. You haven't tried the new GX2 version so maybe you should. Their terrific. My hands like bar ends that have a inward curve. I use them to stretch out my upper body for climbing either on slight uphills or out of the saddle climbing. My opinon is only based on my riding not yours or anyone else's. I ride 8,000 miles a year in the dirt.

It's good my friend.

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by mythical

These sure are impressive, but my question is who still rides bar ends these days? I rode 'em until the mid-90s and ditched them because I barely used them. Can't even remember which brand/model.
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by jooo

I think they definitely have a place. I think narrow bars and bar ends are still great for recreational riders on fairly easy terrain, plenty of marathon type courses etc. Not so much on Olympic XC style rides where there just isn't the same amount of steady, seated climbing or open fire road type sections as there once was.

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by B R H

Will never ride without them! I often have to remind myself not to be on the bar ends. Most comfortable position for me to ride by far on everything but downhill.

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by 02GF74

although I don;t use bar ends any more, I am quire impress at how light they are .... I mean, there are lightweifght foam grips weigh that more than them, not to mention brake clamps.

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by konky

Don't forget you can't use the lightest bars with bar ends.

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