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New XTR enemy

by New XTR enemy

It is a fact, that new XTR is just a comercial trick. Weight isn't reduced in any aspect and I doubt that new shifters are good - I mean you have to move your hand like you do with the gripshifts - it suck's. And even the new design is *f##k*' ugly - it looks like dure-ace. And who would ever use XTR discs if they can have Hayes, Hope or formula...??


by Guest

I would just like to say that the new XTR does not suck, and to put it simply, you don't know what you are talking about. New XTR STI shifting is done through nudging the brake levers , not twisting the bars. I would also like to say Shimano has not even released weights yet, and retailers are just posting last years weights. SO TO SUM IT UP, TRY IT AND THEN TALK!!!!!! I rode XTR at NORBA Mt. Snow, and can vouch that the group works wonderfully, and will purchase parts of the group.

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by karlux

I realy would like to try new XTR, but I don't want to spend my money onley for trying. And in fact Shimano has relesed the weights - in shimano homepage.
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by brad

another attention seeking monkey. :evil:
Have you tried the new XTR? I have. Shifting is great and is a very natural motion. Placed my order last week.
OVERALL groupset weight is down according toshimano over the M950group. And this is the Dsic verion vs V-brake version. the saving is very small but the fact that it is'nt heavier than a v-brake groupset is remarkable.
a gram off the wheels is worth 10 off the frame.

Hugo @ ibc

by Hugo @ ibc

the new XTR issn`t the lightest group the world has seen, but maybe the best
I don`t like the new way of shifting, but the brakes are beautiful, light and work great
the new crankset is the best the world has seen so far.
it is lighter, stiffer an even beatuifuller than everything else on this planet.

Shimano-engineers didn`t want to build the lightest group, but the best performing, and i think that everyone knows that the XTR is the best performing group on this planet and behind


by coaster

The problem I have with Shimano or any other company is that they so dominate an area that the competition is eliminated. You don't compete with your competitor, you kill them. Then you have the field all to your self and you can do as you please. We would have much better MTB components to choose from if there were a few more players that offered whole MTB groups. I live in the U.S. and when I walk into a bike store allmost all the MTB component groups I see are Shimano. When it comes to MTB drivetrains I don't see anything else. Most people need to see it, pick it up with thier hands, and have a sales person they trust sell it to them. Even the people I know that ride alot don't like to order things over the internet without alot of reasurance. When you look at photos or the races in Europe alot of the roadbikes are now using Shimano shifters. Do you think Shimano will stop at the U.S. or the MTB market? I don't think so. I've switched to Campy road components because I think they're better and I think Campy is more connected to the soul of bicycling. Well I've ranted enough. Take care, and good riding!


by trailmutant

Hi, I don't like microsoft still I am forced to use some microsoft stuff...
I don't really like Shimano I use gripshift shifters, sram plasma derailer avid brakes... Shimano is ok but for the money there are alot better things out there then the Shimano stuff.

Bobby Bahn

by Bobby Bahn

Just wanted to respond to the anti-Shimano gang. There is a reason why they completely dominate the market: They are better, cheaper and offer a wider choice components than any other brand. And yes, there is competition in the market, namely SRAM for MTB and Campagnolo for Road cycling. Both of them have the have the financial resources to be competitive and innovative. The fact that Campagnolo has a more "handcrafted" manufacturing process and has a European name, doesn't necessarily make it "more in touch" with the "soul of cycling". Shimano sponsors more professional cyclists and supports more cycling organizations than any other company in the bike industry and its cycling history dates back to the first decades of last century. Besides, that, there are literally dozens of companies that compete with Shimano in specific areas such as cranksets (fsa, raceface, travativ), wheels (mavic, sun, spynergy), shoes, pedals (crankbrothers, wellgo), etc. If you are anti-establishment and like to buy your furniture from the local carpenter rather than at Ikea, by all means, go ahead. But you can't blame someone for enjoying the prices, quality and service of a mass producer.

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by karlux

Those comments are very interesting and helpful. I wanted to discuss things connected with shifting - new shifters and derailures (you cant be a weightweenie if you think that XTR hubs or bottom bracket is good)
Those who claims that new XTR is very good - can you name me MTB riders who uses new shimano group not because of sponsors but on their own and what are their success!
I like old shifters but if I'm buying a new bike I would like to try a new group too, but what if I can't accustom myself to new shifting??
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by TheRookie

Holy 13 year old thread resurrection batman!

As it happens I liked my old M765 Sti levers.
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by Nefarious86

Post trolling for themember discount....
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by nunokas

Damn necromantic ressurection thread :)

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