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by Guest


I have a dream - fully class under 8000gramm.

Was sind deine Erfahrungen - ist das machbar? auf der weight weenies website findet man nur Hardtails in dieser Gewichtsklasse....Ich gehe von eine Scott Strike Scandium frame aus....

Ich bin dabei mir Schräubchen und Co selbst herzustellen...Hast du vielleicht Kontakt zu Händlern, von denen man C-Gewebe und 7075erAlu bzw. gute Ti-Legierungen herbekommen kann???

dank dir.
Happy trails Marco

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by crazyeddie


first: please use the english language for your next message, because most users in this forum can´t understand german, ok?

i think it is possible to build a fully under 8kg. my bike will have under 8.3kg really complete (also with computer), but it´s not ready because some parts are not yet available. if it´s ready you will see it on this website, of course 8) :D but to make it 300g lighter, i had to use parts like the lightest schmolke carbon bar, no bar ends, old precision derailleurs and sachs wavey shifters, titan chain and stuff like that. and i want to use my bike for cc races and marathons, so it have to be a little bit functional... a very little bit...

and don´t buy the scott strike for this project, it´s to heavy! my extralite f1 has 1950g with steel spring and i think just 1900g with titan spring.

falls du kein englisch kannst, schreib mir ne mail an crazyeddie@gmx.de, dann unterhalten wir uns über deinen plan

mfg crazyeddie

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by DavidG

It's easy to build a sub-8-kilo full-suspension bike. All you need is the knowledge as to which parts to buy and the money to pay for them. Of course it would not be the most durable bike there is...

My Scott Strike 10 is currently at 8422g, and if I had the cash I could lose another 450-500g without trying too hard.

Let me know if you want more details (eg a copy of my bike's build-sheet).

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