will a SID work with the geo. of a 1996 Manitou HT frame??

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by cyclemanpat

I have asked this before and nobody knew....I will try again. I want to put a SID SL on my 1996 Manitou HT frame. I was told the geo. of the Maniotu HT might not work with a 80mm SID.....does anyone know if this combo will work, before I spend the money on a SID???

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by Adri

Can't you get an LBS to fit one and check it out?
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by carlos

i think it will slow down your front end. but the best you can do is to contact answer direct and ask about it.
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by Frankie - B

The only thing you need to know is the crown to axle length. If it exceeds 42 cm, you can forget about putting the fork in the frame without changing the geo. (i thought i also told this before somewhere on here. inc. a pic) All of the most modern fors have a crown to axle length that is larger then 42 cm.

I think you have to ebay an old sid!
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by JK

No need to find some old SID. They are all near dead anyway.

It is very likely that your frame's geometry is corrected for a 60mm travel fork. Most frames of that era are, but contact Manitou to find out for sure. If it came with a 65mm-ish manitou fork originally, it is corrected for that type of fork.

If it is, find out if your SID's travel can be reduced to 63mm. That is a relativy easy and cheap spacer-swappig exercise for some SID models. Ask the Angry Asian for instance: www.angryasian.com
Reducing fork travel will reduce fork height by the same amount.

Another possibility would be that your fork is not suspension corrected at all. Not likely with a '96 frame, but if it actually is from '95 and has been standing around a bike shop for a year, chances are! If this is the case, there probably is no modern suspension fork that will fit it without upsetting geometry too much.

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