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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by Dewillem

but so what!

how much does the weight actually matter?? ... _Page.html

ciao ciao W

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by Tippster

All the time spent putting together this model is tiem that could have been spent riding . . .

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by jer

hey... this doesn't work. I get 0 seconds saved no matter how much weight i take off. Even at a 90% grade for 50k!

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by Ivan

perfectly normal: after climbing 90% for 50k youd be dead no matter what your weght is.

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by Joel

So weight win is just good for your motivation.
1.5kg for me with this model on 13km climb is 80s.
I think stifness becomes equal important when your bike is sub 8.5 kg and it costs more than € 4000, because all parts are high end and lighter or stiffer. But in my opinion only the BB, cranks, bar and stem and frame (at the BB) have to be stiff.

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