!!!Absalon's New Bike!!!

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by danielgillett

I received these images of Julien's new bike, which includes...

>Gold Frameset
>Gold Wheelset
>Gold Helmet
>Gold Clothing
>Gold Shoes
>Gold Saddle
>Gold pedals (Not intentional - Regular Finish)
>Ltd. Edition Forks w/ some gold
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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

that is truly hideous.

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by xcfisher

lol... my thoughts exactly. Mr. Pimp-daddy Absalon. I wonder if he got a purple Cadillac, and a spinning crossmax necklace pendant to go with it... ?

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by Ty

I love it!

A real pimps ride, Love those gold mavics !!!!!!!

loosen up you 'black and blue' trek boys :D

I would love a ice cream pink Klein Adroit !! :D

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by LloydP

I'm more a fan of the 'stealth' grey/black(and maybe a wee bit of red) look myself, but I suppose there are those to whom that sort of thing appeals.... :wink:

I think I saw a pink I.F. with 'Hello Kitty's on it somewhere on the mtbr forums.... :D


by danielgillett

LloydP: It is gold for a reason...

...He won the Gold Medal at the Olympics!

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by Smahatma

Gold should be kept to the medal, not making a bike so gaudy :D

King Weel
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by King Weel

He could even run Hutch Mosquito's gold and a Wipperman gold chain. But the finishing touch would be the Nokon gold cables. (probably due to some sponsordeal he is not able to do so, otherwise...)
Specialized S-Works Allez (the shiny one :) )
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by mt_jr

And gold - finished Elite bottle cage :D

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

man, that bike is butt ugly! Although i like the idea of making a special bike. i think bianchi has gone a bit to far with the gold spraypaint.

IIRC pezzo had a gold sugar.
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

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by LloydP

danielgillett: Yeah, I know he won gold, but I still think there would be better ways to show it off. I like the idea of a special edition bike to commemerate the win, but I agree with Frankie that the man with the gold paint got carried away.
It's at least the same spec as the one he won it on, right? (looks about right apart from all the gold...)

Racing Aardvark
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by Racing Aardvark

I kinda like it, not that I would ride one. Besides, it's gonna get covered in mud and dust as soon as the race starts so who cares! :lol:

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by Adri

Looks like he got a titanium seatpost, thats about the only part I would certainly keep :wink:
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by jer

OH YEA!! I would ride that in a heartbeat. And if I had his motor you'd only be lookin at my a$$ anyway. :twisted:

Stevie Boi
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by Stevie Boi

Ok, it might not look at as nice, but I'm sure it goes a hell of a lot faster than your bikes :wink:

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