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by JonnyBoy

Hi, I am pretty new to the world of weight weenying!! My current set-up is

GT Timberline Anatomica Frame (Cromoly)
Marchozzi EXR Air 2003 fork
Cane Creek C2 headset
XT hubs with X517 rims
XT rear derailleur
LX Chainset
Alivio Shifters
Acera front derailleur
Conti Vertical Pro 26 x 2.3 rear
WTB velcoiraptor 26x 2.1 front
XT V-Brakes
Everything else is standard on Timberline (seat, bar etc)

Can anyone point out some cheap weight losing points.

Things I am looking at currently are GT Arrowhead frame (alu) and lighter tyres and tubes.

Suggestions appreciated


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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B


Try losing weight in the "standard" parts such as; stem, bar, seat and post, bracket And of course the rotating parts. the lighter the wheel, the faster you will go!

Good luck

Frankie - B
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The R

by The R

Lose the grips and suspension forks.

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