camel bag or water bottle for racing???

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CamelBag or Water-bottle for race

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by jermans

camel bag or water bottle for racing???

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by Ivan

Definitly camelbag.
I only use water bottle when training on the road or on short MTB-trips (< 1.5 hour approx.)

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by Andy

camelbak for the water supply and the bottle for isotonic drinks (=> Slightly easier to clean than the camelbak...)
Need for speed ;-)

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by tommasini

For general racing and riding I like the bottles lower on the bike rather than high on my not lifting the water weight each time I get out of the saddle, and without a camelback I get better ventilation of my backside on hotter days.

John Cobb has even done a wind tunnel study to determine that water bottles on the frame are not an aerodynamic penalty.

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by eurorider

I race with my camelback and I think it is better because you can have many small sips instead of fewer large gulps...very easy to drink!

But I think in racing the sponsors don't like it because they obstruct what is written on the jerseys...

Probably a small weight penalty compared to bottles but I do have the Hydraback version which is one of the more minimalist designs ...I'm going to take off the Camelback logo so I can save 3g ...It is thick rubber!

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by Bruiser

I hate using water bottles, and used to race without drinking until I got a Hydrapak.
Now I use it on the road as well.


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by eurorider

at times it doesn't even feel like i have something on my back and it is designed to give good ventilation, not to mention your drink is nice and cold so that works to keep you cool as well

also you only have to take your hand off the handlebar for a brief moment which is good in the rougher sections...

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by DocTP1885

I usually drink 2 liters of water (2hour time span) before a ride and then depending on the course if I use a water bottle or camel back. More than likely when I'll be racing next year, I'll start off with a bottle and see how I do. I have a hydrapak and it holds 50oz. I usually fill it up about half full.

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