Nokon Cables?

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by helmut

Are the any better than traditional xtr. I've heard they work smoother, and for longer. As well as being more robust and being lighter.

Are any of these claims valid?

by Weenie

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by Joel

I have them on my road bike for 1000km
They're more robust and lighter (especially for the brake cables). I have them for the braking and Campagnolo for the shift, but the shift cable at the derailleur is also nokon, because tha Campy can be destroyed, when someone touches it with his front wheel (normally he crashes then :? ).
I think this is a good setup. The nokons are smooth, but I heard that you have to change the inner liner sometimes

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by MantraPro

The best setup is Nokon with Gore innerliner ( Gore has a teflon coated wire )

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by elendil

I got them on both bikes and I love them. They're not that light but work very smooth and they really last longer.

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by ger

I like them for function and looks. My hardtail has 110grams for the Nokon cableset which is not much I think. (shift and brake, inner and outer)

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