How to straighten a bent disc brake rotor??

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by Moose

Problem: XTR disc brakes, serious rubbing.
Reason: the rotor is not exactly true.

Can I bend the rotor back to being true with for example a pliers. Will this bending work in the long run, or will the rotor go back to its original wobbly shape?

:?: Experiences?

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by IanB

DON'T use pliers - use an adjustable spanner wound in to grip the rotor tightly - this way the surface of the rotor won't get marked. Try to bend it backinto the orginal line small amounts at a time, moving the spanner 1/2" around each time - repeat until its straight. Don't be tempted to bend it too much each time, or you risk making it worse.

Good luck :wink:

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by Cyco

Wash your hands well in a simple soap/ degreaser, and flex it with yor fingers.
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