Soul Kozak disc hubs

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by Tippster

Has anyone any feeback on these hubs?

I'm about to get a new high end wheelset built and the weight of these seems very appealling.

Are they durable?

Would you be better off a few grams heavier with King hubs?

I'm 75 to 80 kg and ride XC (disc brakes)

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by nikh

I've never seen a review on them ever.

I say go for it!

You might get an honest but slightly biased answer from Speedcific in the US.

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by DocTP1885

Hello. I've never heard of those hubs before. I just recently purchased a set of Chris King ISO disc, CX-Ray Sapim Spokes, and ztr355 rims (

Disc wheels weigh in about 1500 give a few or less grams.

I like Chris King's hubs because the have 72teeth prawl which gives you instant engagement and the quality of it is awesome.

WTB laser Disc Lights makes a lighter version than CK, but it's ok. I've actually saw one and the just don't have the quality CK has.

Hope this helps.

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by dwegan

I say go with CK....this page may be all about the weight but there is nothing like chris King..

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by DeepWalletDave

I just got in a pair of Soul Kozac disc hubs in 32 holes directly from the manufacturer as part of my Scott Strike Project Bike.

If you look under the disc hub listings, those are my 2004 hubs I weighed on a gram scale.

The anodizing is not a polished glossy anodizing like we are accustomed to, but the hubs are very well finished otherwise. The bearings are perfectly smooth as one would expect from premium hubs like these.

You can't go wrong with CK hubs, but boy are these well made AND light....
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by Xterra Racer


I'm curious to see how you like these hubs. They are really light!! How is the engagement compared to others you have tried (and what are the others?).


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by DeepWalletDave

They engage just like any other top quality hub. The cog shell is aluminum and appears to be either passivated or anodized a pale light green color.

Standard slight backlash till pawls engage. Damn are they light.....Shells are not forged but cnc machined from bar stock.....forging might withstand the rigors of tighter tensioned ti spokes.....once they are built up and have some miles on them I will give a report.....

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