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by Roland

I'm looking to buy a light bike and I am looking for a good reliable dealer who can do this for me. I have a fairly detailed specification and need to know someone who will take time and care in doing this for me.

Where do you go for exceptional service?

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by Cyco

It is hard to recomend a shop without you providing some details. ie What Country, State and area you live in? How far you are willing to travel? Are you intrested in ordering over the net or do you want to see it every step of the way?


by Roland

Some details

I am based in the UK but I want to buy a bike in the USA. The components are far cheaper and there is more choice.

I can't see it being bult every step of the way, hence the need for good trust worthy service.

I might come over an pick it up when its ready though.



by Cloxxki

Try to find something in your own country or the European mainland. My LBS is in Holland, www.bike2build.com
I'm pretty sure they have the best assorti world-wide, and they'll special-order for you, give them a shot!
Of course, why should you take my word for it if they're my LBS (and I'm even professionally linked o them), but these guys really rock! They all ride themselves, and the shops exists sinze 1987 or something, the first MTB-only shop in our country. Prices are overall unbeatable, service IMO is great. I bought like 8 bikes there before I got into the bizz.
They like well-thought out bikes and riders with a vision, they help you out, I'm sure. Shipping is within limits, only over the Channel.


by Guest

I think you should mention that your "professional link" is a fulltime job at Bike2Build.
So please don't write as if you were a normal customer and Bike2Build is your LBS.

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by JK

@anonymous guest:

relax man! Read his message a few times before getting all judgemental. Cloxxki does not write as if he were a normal customer... He sort of admits in his reply that he a bit biased: "...Ofcourse, why should you take my word for it...". That hint is perfectly clear to me. At least somebody sort of admits being "professionally linked" to a bike company.

OK, enough support for my fellow Dutchman Cloxxki:

Bike2build is definetly not the cheapest way to go, allthough they indeed have lots of choice. But then again: You mention going to the US and pick up the bike?? Seems to me that money is not the problem, but getting proper service is. Check out the supporter of this forum: [url]www.gypzybikz.com[/url]. Some other German online shops have good selections of componentry too.



by Roland

Thanks for your help. I shall make enquiries with both these places and I'lll let you know how I get on.


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