What shades do you wear to ride?

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by Knut

As per above - I use the Oakley's for a reason. The reason is that they exceed - by a wide margin - ANSI Z87.1. While others also meet that standard, Oakley exceeds it, and their quality control is better than anything else I have seen.

Most anything will block UV A, B and C - even a soda bottle. What is also necessary is that the lenses provide sufficient protection and reduce eyestrain. Wearing a coke bottle will cause a headache (probably when someone slams you for looking like a dork), and many of the popular sports glasses have various defects that cause you to suffer eyestrain and the resulting headaches.

Also, I've seen Oakley polycarbonate lenses shot at with a shotgun at close range, and survived - while this may seem like overkill for mountainbiking, think about that pointed broken branch or anything else that might hurt your eye. While most other glasses may stop things from getting to your eye some will not...

I've tried many different brands over the years, for many different applications and have never been completely satisfied. I looked at Oakley, tried them out and have never turned back.

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by JK

M-frame!! 8)

NOT just for quality reasons... these things look pro and everyone who has them knows it... ;-)

Jerry Serra
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by Jerry Serra

Oakley - Shotters yello, w/my perscription


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