Gokinetix Rotor???

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by Stylomilo

Found this special rotor at http://www.gokinetix.com

A rotor that
·Weights less than 60 grams – 50% less than Steel Disc.
·Withstands over 15,000 brake cycles on test rig.
·Does not warp – 4 times the heat dissipation of comparable steel products.
·Improved brake modulation, less fade and resulting in better overall brake feel.
·Excellent braking in wet and muddy conditions.
·Available in standard 140, 160 and 205 mm sizes.
·Excellent for DH & XC riding.    
·Available with High Strength, Light Weight all Titanium Hardware.
·Compatible with all hydraulic and mechanical disc brake system.

DURA-LITE Replacement Brake Pads:
Avid Mech and Hydraulic.
·Shimano XT/Grimeca System 8/ SRAM.
·Magura Marta.
·Magura Clara and Louise.
·Shimano Deore Mech/Nexave Hyd.
·Shimano Deore Hydraulic.
·Shhimano XTR.
·Specialilty formalted friction materials to maximize pad life and
braking performance.

Benefits / Properties:
High strength to weight ratio (Higher than T-6 Aluminum)
• Extremely wear resistant (Superior to Steel)
• High rate of heat dissipation (4 times that of Cast Iron)
• 30% - 40% Stiffer than Aluminum

Brake pad formulation specifically developed to minimize pad and rotor wear, squealing, break in period while maximizing brake performance
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by Jamie

I must replace 4 bolt rotors with std 6 bolt type to mate my new wheels.
The basic steel discs are going to cost me £60. :?

The Gokinetix look worthy of consideration :) .

Can anyone rate the Gokinetix rotors?. Are they as hard wearing as claimed - better than steel?

I've emailed the company for more info and will let you know if I get any useful feedback.

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Xterra Racer
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by Xterra Racer

Sounds interesting. I would like to hear what they have to say.

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by Tippster

How do their stats compare with Stan's Al rotors?

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by DocTP1885

I've been to both websites and both claim no squels, more power, yada yada. I'm also interested in this. If anyone has or had any experience with Aluminum rotor, I'm interested to find out how they perform.

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by Frankie - B

Nikh can tell you all about it!
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