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by Moose

Eclipse has stopped selling the tubelesskit for regular tyres!

Anyone tried the UST version of Eclipse with regular tyres and regular rims?

I just bought a pair of wheels with Mavic 717 rims and eclipse ust kit and IRC mythos xc Slick tyres.

Is it going to work? Any suggestions?

Maybe some duct tape under the eclipse ust rimstrip will make a regular tire fit more snugly on the rim (and the rimstrip) and make this setup work. I know people have mounted regular tyres with no special rimstrip at all with just the latex, so this setup shoul be fine, right?

I have used the same rim (317) and eclipse kit with regular Michelin comp light tyres, and they have worked very well.

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by nikh

Moose wrote:Eclipse has stopped selling the tubelesskit for regular tyres!

Why, because of tire failures?

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by Moose

I don't know, probably that's the reason.

What's the REAL difference between Eclipse rimstrip for regular tyres (not available anymore) and the rimstrip for ust tyres? Different shape or something?

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

On their site you can still open some pdf's about there kit, and although they state that you should use the kit with tubeless tires, they still show that it can be used for all rims.

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by nino

the reson to quit the "regular tire specific" kit is that the manufacturer voids any responsability in case you have a tire selling that non-UST-tire kit they could get into a conflict just in case something they are on the safe side by stating clearly that the kits are supposed to be used with UST tires only.that's to fight any possible lawsuits only!

you can still use every Eclipse kit with regular tires.but now it's clearly on your own risk.well - there is no more risk than before:) the new rimstrips are slightly thinner and make mounting of UST tires easier but as before regular tires work perfect with these rimstrips.

a benefit is also that the new rimstrips weigh just 25g.that's 20g lighter than the older ones.

i used the thinner rimstrips with regular tires as soon as they were on the market.the added 40g saving (f+r) is a nice feature...

believe me - Thomas Frischknecht also uses the thinner rimstrips with tregular Ritchey tires - no problems!!

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by Moose

That's what I wanted to hear. Thank you Nino.

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