Schwalbe tires- tubeless.

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by AlexTas

Hi peeps

Does anyone have experience with the new Schwalbe Racing Ralph’s or Rocket Ron’s.

I currently run Maxxis ardent race upfront and Maxxis Ikon on the rear and I like the combination. I’m just interested in the Watts and potentially grams saved if I change both tires to Schwalbes

I know the reviews say the ikon isn’t “recommended” but I haven’t had many issues as far as punctures. I run 20 psi in front ardent race and 30ish give or take in the rear and I’m 85kg give or take a kg or two.

I’d like people’s real world opinions on the new Addix rubber compound In both tubeless- easy and the liteskin in regards to setting up tubeless (or unreliable)


by Weenie

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by stoney

I'd go with the Schwalbe Racing Ray up front as it is a front specific tire and the new Racing Ralph in the rear.

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by scant

I've been 'running the maxxis ikon exos for several years now & they're pretty tough, eg they dont easily rip or punctre when riding in rocky terrain. the older liteskin Racing ralphs & rocket rons were noticeably faster rolling, but they ripped/punctures so easily I gave up on them. the weight difference of 40g wasnt worth the time spent stationary trailside. a friend has the new addix rocket rons. i'll report back when hes logged some decent miles on them, but again they're not the liteskin.

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by Sammy


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by jcrr

I set up a 27.5 RoRo blue addix (Non 27.5+) tubeless on the rear of my kid's full squish XC rig. I opted for the blue over the red for durability. It replaced a RaRa with the older pacestar rubber. Usually runs it at 20psi. Granted, the pilot is 45kg, but he rides/races/jumps it pretty hard.

The tubeless setup was simple, has remained reliable over almost 2 seasons, it has so far only suffered one larger puncture, which needed a plug. Still holding up well. I think I had to use a compressor to mount it.

I set up a Magic Mary and Hans Dampf on my 29. Setup was simple. I only needed a floor pump. 1.5 seasons, so far so good.
"If it ain't broken, it could be lighter"

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by jcrr

oops, double post

EDIT- Since it has been ~2yrs, I couldn't remember so I checked last night and the RoRo has the TLE casing.
"If it ain't broken, it could be lighter"

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by Jaroslaw

I was running new Rocket Rons sealed with Stan's for a while and it performed well.
Small punctures were sealed, didn't have any big ones.
Those were the only tires I used throughout the season so they were dragged through all kinds of surface, gravel, tarmac, rocks, mud, roots.
I'm not uber-capable technically, but I felt safe in most of the conditions.

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by alber84

I have recently ridden the ralph racing. The traction is good and they have a great weight, but they are too fragile. of 6 outputs 3 punctures.

by Weenie

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by Oswald

I have the Maxxis on an alu wheelset for xcm and the Schwalbe on a carbon wheelset for xco.
The Schwalbe feel a bit faster and are lighter. But they wear fast and puncture easily.
The Maxxis have far more grip. They corner faster and do better on technical clubs.
I hardly use the Schwalbe anymore. Laptimes on my local xc loop are better on Maxxis. This is a flat 5km loop with 150 corners.

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