Syntace Flatforce actual length / specifications.

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by B R H

Where can I find the actual dimensions for a Syntace Flatforce stem? I've read in a few places that the specified / named length is not measured normally (stem opening center to bar opening center). Odd that Syntace doesn't provide this information anywhere. I did find a drawing on their website showing the 12 mm drop and angle, but no information clearly explaining how they measure the length.

by Weenie

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by numberSix

Really good product, but they don't make it easy to figure out where the bars will end up. ... e-111?c=77
click on the last photo, the Flatforce diagram is the bottom graph.
AFAICT, the length is measured 90* to the steerer, and the bar c/l drop appears to be specified in millimeters.

To compare against other stems, I tried to take into account the Flatforce's short stem clamp height (33mm), and the actual bar c/l at the clamp. Measuring along the stem body, at Flatforce 111 is the equivalent of a 120mm x -21*. Plug this into the Stem Comparator and you should get a fair comparison to your current setup.

The math is based on connecting a point 20mm above the stem steerer base (because a Thomson X4 steerer is 40mm tall), to the bar clamp c/l.

With the stock hardware it weighed 171g. Hope this helps


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by B R H

I've seen that drawing and that's what I'm trying to find out for sure - if the stem size is indeed essentially the reach or exactly how it is measured. I'm pretty sure it's a horizontal measurement and Syntace is just using a head angle of 70 degrees or something like that (a few degrees wouldn't matter too much). Your post is the third I've seen that essentially agrees with that.

It would be nice if Syntace simply called these things out in the drawing so we didn't have to guess.

I'm not trying to match an existing setup. I'm trying to reposition my bars on a new bike. With 31.8 mm bars o both my road and mountain bikes, at least my pile of stems should trend towards half it's current size now. Unless some genius decides we need 35 mm...

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by maddog 2

They are definitely weirdly sized. I ran one on my commuter for a while (and still have it) and the stated size was indeed miles off the reality.

In other words, the stated size is NOT the horizontal distance between centres. That would the obvious way to measure it but they haven't done this. I think I ended up going less that stated. In other words, I wanted a 120mm stem but I ended up having to buy "99mm stem" (if I remember correctly).

If in doubt, buy from a shop that does easy returns.

Syntace do the best stems IMO but the Flatforce dude was smoking something.

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by B R H

So I ordered an 88 mm Flatforce first and it was way too long - longer than my 100 mm x 17 degree Wren Sports stem. I needed the 66 mm Flatforce to get the bars about where I wanted them. They're still about 10 mm higher than on my old bike (26"). The 66 mm Flatforce measures about 85 mm center to center. However, it's MUCH heavier than the Wren Sports stem and, surprisingly, doesn't feel any stiffer when I twist the bars. The Flatforce is probably stiffer vertically, but I'm not sure that's a good thing and I can't claim that I notice when riding anyway.

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