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by spud

I'm riding Lake MX145 boots/high tops, which I quite like apart from one aspect - the cleats are mounted fairly far inboard of sole, so when riding Time Attack pedals, the shoe is hanging off the edge fairly far. Apart from not liking a wide Q factor, I find the outside of the shoe is more apt to catch on rocks etc when in technical sections.

Anyone know of any other high top shoes that produce a narrower stance? I've ridden Shimano MTB shoes and they work well, but I'd really like something relatively stiff, and with some support/protection around the ankle


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by TheRich

Higher top in general, or higher top winter shoes?

Shimano ME-7s if you just want a little more ankle protection. They're not warm though, not even as warm as they look. Not as stiff as a high end XC shoe, but they are definitely enduro RACING shoes that happen to be pretty good to walk in as well.

by Weenie

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by TurboKoo

I have Shimano MW-701 shoes and been happy with those. They offer bit of ankle protection (mostly against debris), have grippy outsole. Been good without shoe covers for a couple of minus Celsius degrees. Gore-Tex layer to keep my feet dry and BOA to keep them nice and tightly around my feet. For sure they are heavier than my summer shoes.

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by spud

thanks for ideas guys, those Shimanos are already on my radar. I mostly ride MTB during the winter, but haven't used dedicated winter shoes prior. Want the high top for a little more ankle protection, as well as support for the inevitable emergency dismount/ejection.

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