Fix these Rockshox or replace?

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by TimF

I have 29er Rock Shox Recon Gold TK Solo Air. Seem ok but the rebound dampner is stuck. They are effectively new. I'm not sure if I should get something new and sell them.

How is weight and performance of these compared to the usual suspects?

Cheers, Tim

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by mattr

Basic, unrefined, weighty.
My ex-wife has a set on her training/winter nail. Just there to hold the front wheel on and keep the frame off the tyre.

If they are still in warranty, get them fixed. If not, pop them apart and free the adjuster off. They are fairly straightforward inside and SRAM usually have full instructions on the website.
Not sure how much you'll manage to sell them for. She paid about €180 brand new for 2016 models

by Weenie

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by Jugi

+1 on mattr - Recon with a TK damper is nothing special in performance. In fact, there should be a clear difference in upgrading to a fork with a better damper.

But if you think the Recon will be good enough for intended use, the basic oil change isn't very hard to do. You will need lock ring pliers and maybe some other less than typical tools, so do check the procedure before starting. And a proper oil change will also make it work better than new.

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