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by lawlietlemars

Hi all,
I have a lead on a basically new Specialized Stumpjumper HT Pro World Cup carbon bike. The bike suits me well (I've had alloy and carbon Stumpjumpers in the past) but I'm very leery about the RS-1 Brain fork. Does anyone have experience with this fork? Putting the value questions aside, how does it perform? Is it really difficult to install the front wheel as many reviews suggest? Would the fork be a deal-breaker for you?
Thanks for your time,

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by F45

I have an RS-1 non-brain, 100mm 29er. I love it. It's true that if you stick the wheel in your legs and twist the bars that it lacks stiffness there, but forward to back stiffness is quite good. It's super smooth and honestly my favorite performing xc fork though the sid wc and fox 32 sc are more ww. Putting the wheel on is not hard once you learn the technique.

by Weenie

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by sqber

What kind of advance do you need? Buy this bike and advance to the next level! Or do you mean advice? Ask yourself - how many times per season you take the front wheel off?

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by Zac36100

sad to say, inverted fork works well in motocross but not in crosscountry.
Look at how many XC riders come back to traditional system...

RS1 sucks

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