Bar width. What you running?

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by mr2scott

Between 680 and 720 depending on the bike. Narrower on XC bikes as I go faster and ride tighter trails. I've broken ribs twice due to wide bars and a tree clip. July 1, 2018 never again, 800mm bars on a DH bike. I'm still in pain from that.

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by Klaster_1

The first aftermarket bar I bought was a random choice of 71cm, I liked that compared to what was on before, so I stuck with the size. There are some tight places where it's barely narrow enough, but nothing to cause a serious clip, and certainly not a crash. Maybe other sizes would work too, but I'm not in a hurry to try.

by Weenie

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by stoney

690 because of tight trails plus it is the width of my natural push-up hand position so I feel the strongest at that width.

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by steveb77

720m flat on both my FS & HT, same sweep up & back too

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maddog 2
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by maddog 2

711mm flat, 8deg backsweep on rigid 29er

780m, 12deg backsweep on full susser

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by jcrr

Would this discussion be more constructive if pilot's dimenions were included? I think height and shoulder width are relevant. How about arm length?

I'm 170cm tall, 40 shoulder. The ergon grips I put on my bar make it 730mm. Being relatively new to mtbs, I don't know how I really feel about that bar width on my full sus 29er.
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by TimF

Well said JCRR! Someones size makes a big difference. Type of riding matters, Enduro verus XC. As does the stem length, if you go wide consider shortenning it. I'm 170cm and use a 35mm stem with a 740 bar. With a longer stem the 740 didn't work well.

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by simoncx

680mm for xc bikes, I had 720 for a short time but they were cut down because I started getting shoulder pain after 2hrs

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by roseyscot

780 on full suspension
800 on the single speed

Wider is better, even on my tight New England trails

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by wallstbear

It's really weird because XC is becoming more trail these days and everybody is using 740-800 bars.

I did switch from 620 to 720 and feel so much better.

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by mattr

The whole xc market, race courses included is becoming more trail. So not so surprising that FS, droppers, wide bars bigger tyres and 1x are the norm.
My ex wife's new race bike looks much like my old trail bike, but 2 kilos lighter..... And a slacker head angle!

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by alber84

Supposedly, the greater the length of the bar, the less force you must make to turn the wheel. Obviously it must be a bar with which you are comfortable since it radically changes the geometry of the body. I think that bars of less than 740mm for xc are adequate. in dh when standing up if it allows you something more width and better control

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by DonutBoy

I'm currently on the 710mm 4 deg flat bar on the HT for old style climby marathons (sometimes with barends :). On my full suss, a 750mm flat bar with 9 deg bend, which is great on more trail centre swoopy twisty stuff. Been using the carbon Mt Zoom ones, v. light & have taken some solid abuse.

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by Nozes

100mm FS 26" -> 690mm,20mm rise,100mm stem
120mm HT 26" -> 720mm,0 rise,70mm stem
200mm FS 26" -> 755mm,20mm rise,40mm stem
150mm FS 27,5" -> 760mm,20mm rise,40mm stem
0mm HT 29" -> 711mm,0 rise,60mm stem
Road bike -> 440mm,100mm stem

I'm 175cm tall,don't know or care about shoulder width.

by Weenie

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by Noctiluxx

I have a 740mm on my Anthem Advanced SX and a 750mm on my Trek Farley EX 9.8.
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