favourite / best frame strap / tube / c02 solution for racing

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by rynogee

what's your favourite solution for carrying a tube, maybe a small mini tool or specific tool, and a C02 cartidge for XC racing?

I train with a normal saddle bag, but don't like it for racing. Just want to carry allen wrnech for through axles (or maybe a small multi tool) lightweight tube, and C02

I've seen some frame strap options lately (although not sure who makes them) some saddle ones (strap, but maybe requires specific saddle)

any ideas / links to specific products? I kind of like the frame strap idea, low centre of gravity somewhere on frame, but not into brand integration so much

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by Pynchonite

I've been thinking about this, too. My favorite multitools include a chain breaker which really ups the weight. My repair kit weighs a full 450g so I've been looking at weighs to thin it out. My tester for an upcoming gravel race is a mix of Specialized SWAT stuff (chain breaker and mulitool) and some kind of strap for a tube/C02/lever (Specialized makes such a strap but my saddle isn't compatible - the $20 SWAT cages are a little easier to swallow). Open to recs for lightweight and secure straps here as well.

by Weenie

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by rynogee

at a stage race I did last year, plenty of people were just using electrical tape to the frame around the tube and multi tool and/or C02, but seems like should be able to find something more optimsied (and re usable).

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by caad4rep

BR race strap is as bout as simple as it gets. Put a small multi tool in your pocket.
http://backcountryresearch.com/race-str ... mount.html

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by theblaze

I just use a velcro strap to secure Co2 and a tube to my saddle rails and then I slip a cut piece of tube around my bottle cage and it holds a multitool without an issue. I could probably fit the tool in with the tube and Co2 but I like the accessibility of having it separate.

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by MikeMoore

I'm a massive fan of the Oneup EDC. Chain tool, co2 canister and multitool (plus tyre lever) in one easy install.
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by Weenie

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