Chain Grinding on top of derailleur cage

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by quadzilla

So I replaced my gears with 1x11 XT about 200 miles ago, up until now it has shifted flawlessly. i've checked the chainring and chain and cassette and they are al fine. However, I was riding today and it was muddy and I heard a horrible grinding noise. Not a casual Walmart bike with rusty chain that has been left outside for 3 years grinding noise, even worse. It sounded like clicky grindy metal on metal. I couldn't figure out what it was so I just assumed I blew my BB but upon inspection when I got back, I noticed that the chain was rubbing near the upper jockey wheel on the derailleur cage. The jockey wheel itself is straight and spins freely. The noise goes away when I reach the 11 tooth because the chain doesn't have a tendency to be crooked and rub on the chain. Despite the terrible grinding sound, the bike still shifted fine so I don't think it is bent hanger or poorly indexed gears. Anyone had this problem? Suggestions?

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by FreaK

Usually that only happens with a badly installed chain.
it's actually possible to come to the conclusion even before realising it makes no sense at all

by Weenie

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by DeeHubbs

Chain line issue? What crank and chainring? did you mount the chairing on the inside of the tabs to achieve the correct chain line.

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by ooo

You need to check hanger first, sometimes it doesn't affect shifting
next, try to rotate cage and other RD parts, and check freehub body

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by NickJHP

Is the top jockey pulley still centred between the inner and outer plates of the derailleur cage? Has it developed side to side play?

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