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by morganb

Are there any options out there at 155mm or below other than SRAM NX? That's what I've been running and they function fine but are an absolute boat anchor and I'm pretty sure they only manufacture them intending to be on nice kids bikes. I've seen one or two older square taper models in that length but those won't work with a number of modern bikes.

by Weenie

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by poynt

only light weight ones I have used are the LIghtnings but they only go down to 160mm.

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by drider85

Again not really that light but Trail Craft come in 140 and 152. Canfield brothers comes down to 155.

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by TheKaiser

morganb wrote:
Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:56 pm
Are there any options out there at 155mm or below other than SRAM NX?
Don't have an "off the shelf" solution, but you might want to look into options from Rotor. They are going down under 155mm on their new road cranks, and the system is fully modular, with an interchangable spindle and spider. If they are similar to Cannondale and Race Face, then the same arms could be run on road or MTB (or fatbike for that matter) with a simple swap of the spindle and spider. I haven't looked into the spline pattern to see if you could fit compatible MTB parts onto these arms, and I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap, but if you are really committed then it is something to keep in mind: ... k-spindle/

Also, if you aren't afraid of some fabrication, I have seen people running cut down XTRs for this purpose.

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maddog 2
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by maddog 2

+1 Rotor

Also TA Carmina go down to 155 I think, and you can fit various spiders (4-bolt, 5-bolt and so on).

Also look at Thorn cranks at SJs Cycles. Heavier than TA and square taper but not silly heavy.

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by Ridethelakes

Lots of choice of 155mm in BMX cranks. For square taper Answer are one of the lightest with proven robustness. Only 5 arm spider though which means the only narrow wide chainrings available are for cyclo-cross and minimum ring size is 34t.

Only other worthwhile option for 4 arm spider is the Box components M30-M . It's 104bcd so huge choice of rings. Praxis BB so not square taper. The whole crankset is actually praxis made and licensed to box.

by Weenie

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