Best 6 bolt rotors?

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by boots2000

What are the best 6 bolt rotors?

I am talking about trueness and quiet braking- Not lightest.

Long story short. My bike came with SRAM Guide ultimate brakes and rotors- I switched to XTR 9000 race brakes but kept the same SRAM rotors.
I am getting some howl late in rides after a lot of braking on long descents.

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by kevhogaz

I've been very happy with the XT rotors on my Pivot Mach 429. 180 on the front, 160 on the rear, and no problems stopping my fat a$$ in any situation.

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by Jaroslaw

+1 for Shimano rotors.
I've been using them for several years now and they are trouble free.

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by Carcinogent

Magura Storm SL? Competitively priced as well.

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by Marin

I'd look at the pads and other factors 1st.

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by boots2000

I was using good pads- Resin XTR.

I ordered a set of RT86 6 bolt rotors. Will install them with fresh pads-

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by Rich_W

I'm running Formula R1R brakes with Sram Guide Rotors - Super Quiet.

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by stuka666

Rich_W your brakes are from which year?

My old ones with the new xt rotors are always rubbing and I need to buy new ones, don't know if the newer R1R or XTR.


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