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by reodl

Hi everyone!

I have a singlespeed 2013 Kona Explosif that I really, really love, but it is heavy for a singlespeed at 24lb to 26lb depending on the parts and tires I am using. I'm going to have a custom builder make a titanium version for me with a slightly tweaked geometry, and I'm contemplating some upgrades. I'm enamored with most of the build, but I am looking for advice on some of the components. I definitely don't want to sacrifice any durability or ride quality, but I am willing to spend some money.

Current stuff:
    XT BR-M785 brakes
    Avid rotors
    Straight gauge spokes, Brass nipples, Stans Arch 27.5 32h rims
    Surly singlespeed lockring kit
    XT Trail pedals
    SRAM PC850 chain
    Rockshox Reverb dropper from 2013
    Giant Contact Low Rise Carbon bars
    older Ritchey WCS stem

Potential upgrades:
    XTR Trail brakes
    RT86 Ice-Tech 6-Bolt Disc Rotor
    Sapim CX-Ray spokes, Alloy nipples, WTB i24 carbon rims
    Q2 Carbon singlespeed lockring kit
    XTR Trail pedals
    KMC X9SL chain
    Rockshox Reverb Stealth? Thomson?
    ENVE riser mountain bar
    ENVE carbon stem

Thanks so much for any advice!

by Weenie

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by TheRookie

Why icetech discs? I'd look for lightweight such as Ashima. There is lighter than XTR brakes such as Formula.

Do you really need a dropper, it's a big chunk of weight.

You also need to looks at some of the sundry stuff like grips etc.
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by reodl

Thanks for the feedback! You are right, ice-techs are probably overkill since my Avids have been totally fine. I had a bad experience with the Ashimas many years ago -- going through pads and poor brake modulation -- but it looks like their lineup of rotors has expanded since then. I'll check out some reviews.

I'll probably stick with Shimano trail brakes because I have had such a good experience with them.

We have a lot of long alpine descents where I ride (BC & PNW), and I definitely want to keep a dropper. I absolutely love it. I do have an alloy post that I swap out for certain terrain and for races. I tend to swap tires, bars, and the seatpost on this bike based on who I am riding with. Some days I'm riding downhill with enduro bikes and other days I'll be racing XC.

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by 02GF74

re: chain - you should be able to run with 10 speed chain on a 9 speed system (it is what I do) so MKC X10SL.

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by flashd

Out of interest, why go for cx-ray over lasers? From what I can see, cx-ray are simply lasers that have been rolled into a more aero shape. So same weight, but significantly more expensive. Assuming that you're not particularly worried about minimal aero gains on a SS mtb.

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