WHEELSET for 150kg rider

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by kavitator

I need advice

MTB wheelset for 150kg rider - rear 142x12 trough axle, front 15mm trugh axle

DT swiss 350
White Industries (only one with steel axle)

Rim will WTB Frequency TCS (I beam technology)

Spokes - Sapim Strong 32/32

by Weenie

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by Ole

Chris King with steel driveshell is the only rear hub that will be able to handle ANYTHING you can throw at it. The others' will flex too much in the axle, causing premature wear to the bearings and possible drive mechanism failure. Onyx is another hub that MIGHT take your weight, but it's too new to know long term.

Go for 3x spoke lacing all around, but use DT Comp or Sapim Race on the high tension sides (front left, rear right) and DT Revo or Sapim Laser on the opposite sides. Will give you a more durable wheel than if you use Strong all around, then you'll start breaking spokes on the low tension sides after a few hundred Ks. Make sure the rim is a heavy duty one, like WTB i29.

And get a experienced (and preferably local) wheel builder to build this. Proper stress relieving and tension is very important, as well as adjusting the nipple/rim-interface to prevent stress risers. I've been building wheels for 20 years, and I have built many wheelsets for heavier riders over the years.


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by bm0p700f

36 sapim strong spokes. Royce Disc brake hubs - stainless steel axle, Ti freehub NTN bearings. Wrong rim choice. the H plus Son Toberstrieb is the only rim I can think of that would use for a 150kg rider for disc brakes. The rim has a very thick spoke nipple bed and criss cross lacing.

Use strong all round. I simply dont buy the diferential lacing idea anymore. While I get the idea, physics does not support it. Stiffer wheels (i.e thicker spokes) under go lower tension changes and therefore longer spoke life. Flex is a bad thing. I have built many wheels with strong spokes both side none have come back with a spoke failure. given every wheel has a life of the rim guarantee I would expect a failure to lead to a boomerrang.

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by kavitator

Thanks for advices :thumbup:

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