Advice needed on RS-1 Brain fork

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by LegendRider

I have a lead on a basically new 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper HT Pro World Cup carbon bike. The bike suits me well (I've had alloy and carbon Stumpjumpers in the past) but I'm very leery about the RS-1 Brain fork. Does anyone have experience with this fork? Putting the value questions aside, how does it perform? Is it really difficult to install the front wheel as many reviews suggest? Would the fork be a deal-breaker for you?

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by TheRookie

A mate has an RS1 on his hardtail, removing and refitting the wheel is really not an issue, takes maybe 5 seconds longer (he had a puncture on his very first ride before he'd had time to convert tubeless).

As for Spech's Brain damper, that somewhat polarises opinions between love and hate, never ridden one myself but as damper fitment in the RS1 is the same as conventional forks you do have the option of using something else.
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by gfeldy

I've raced on a RS1 w/ brain for two years (not by choice). Lets just say if given a choice I'd ride a World Cup. Installing a wheel is actually a pain in the ass, the fork does it's job but all this said it wouldn't be a deal breaker. I'll add that the proprietary front wheel is kind of another pain in the butt.
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by bas

I like the fork, changing the wheel is slower but you get better at it with practice.
The deal breaker for me is the hub which only works with that fork.

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