Upgrade for a Scott Scale 920.

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by batcave

Hi all,

I have just purchased a large 2016 model Scott Scale 920 with a super SRAM 1x11 gearing, 29" wheels and a super carbon frame.
But I am a bit of a gear head and just waiting to get my head into upgrading this splendid MTB from standard into a one of a kind super MTB. But this is where I need help - what can I do to shave kilograms off and make it a dream bike?
I must say, that am a heavy rider (104kg), so this will set a limit to what parts I can choose - BUT any help or suggestions are welcome.

So friends - fire away - what should I do???

Thanks in advance.
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by Klaster_1

Make a spreadsheet with all the parts and weights, of course! Then do an extensive research about everything. Look at Gullholm's thread for inspiration, he's building up a Spark too. Wish I had one too instead of porky M06 :roll:

by Weenie

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by rainerhq

Keep the frame and I buy all other parts. It will cost only 2000€ or so.
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by TheRookie

It will of course never be one of a kind, but may well be a one off.

As above, the best way is to list ALL the parts into an excel spreadsheet and get the weights, either by removing and weighing or by researching the claimed weights or measured weights from other sources such as sicklines.

I have found a few specs all matching so using this page
https://www.cycledivision.co.uk/product ... -scale-920

The obvious targets are (in a vaguely sensible order)
1/ Foam grips
2/ Setup tubeless
3/ Lighter brakes, SLX are really rather hefty, with lightweight discs.
4/ Lighter stem (Kalloy Uno with Ti bolts will put it sub 90g)
5/ Lightweight bars (carbon)
6/ Lightweight seatpost (carbon)
7/ Lightweight saddle (Ti or carbon rail or full carbon)
8/ Lightweight front and rear thru axles
9/ Lightweight crankset such as raceface next SL

The GX drivetrain isn't too bad on weight and it makes sense to wear it out and then try lighter as you swap.

As an indication, that quoted weight is higher than my aluminium framed Full Suss with pedals.
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