Disc Brake System dilemma Formula R1

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I have chance to get two disc brakes system for about same price. I dont know what to choose between M9000 XTR levers/XT calipers combo or 2015 Formula R1 levers/RX calipers combo. I know Formulas has notorious clearance issue in older models, but not sure with 2015 versions. Formulas are really attractive due to weight and looks.
The real question is clearance still an issue?

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by TheRookie

I have 2012 R1s (OEM spec of an R1 lever and RX calliper) very happy with them, have had to replace a calliper and lever seal but it's easy and cheap.

They do run tight clearances but it's not really an issue.
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by Weenie

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A bloke offered me full XTR setup (front & rear) for $250, I went ahead and grabbed it. After some thinking I ride in some crappy weather, in extreme cold, snow, mud, clay and sand. Its no brainier, nevertheless I would take Formulas

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by KWalker

I have R1 Racing. I would never ride XTR after so many friends have had pumping issues, but the R1's do have tight pad clearance and can get sticky in bad conditions. I'd go Level Ultimate if I wanted lightweight XC brakes right now.

I have the 2016 model. Clearance itself is not an issue, but when the pads wear and get worn, the tolerances at the seal are very tight and they do not retract as well. I solved the issue partially by running a thicker rotor/beefier rotor (Formula vs. Ashima) and Formula pads. For whatever reason the Formula pads have worn the best of any pad that I have used and although I can't measure it, the backs seem thicker than the SwissStop I had before.
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