Rockbros: Chinese lightweight platform pedals?

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by J00P

I am looking for new flat pedals for my touring bike. I came across some interesting lightweight stuff on Ali Express.
Does anyone have experience with these "Rockbros"? prize is ~$25
(My weight is 84 kg ~ 185 pounds). Thanks,

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by Ole have these and even lighter ones under the Aest name. I got a pair of the lightest ones for my 10 year old's fatbike, and they work great for him.

by Weenie

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by J00P

Ole, thanks a lot. Under the Aest name I could fine some reviews/user experiences. summary: not too solid, easily damaged

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by Tirider

Vault Dmr super light very grippy very light

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by MileHighMark

Spank Oozy are 360g for the pair and Gamut Podiums are 300g.
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by AfromD

My son has them, they are pretty small, about 8cm square. Not the size an adult downhiller would want to have. With the Ti axle they weigh 166g. The Aest brand are exactly the same, there is even a reference left on the packaging. Screwed on studs are kind of flimsy. They have a ball bearing on the outside.

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by carbonXScycles

We use them on our MAD6 ultra light kids MTB, they are sensational for our use. Titanium shafts and customers are amazed when they are handed these.

by Weenie

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