lefty front wheel difficult to remove

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by sefton

i have a f29. i have recently replaced the locking plate on thw front hub as the old one stripped. for some reason i alsway have difficulty removing the frontwheel. anyone else have this problem? should i be greasing the axle on the fork?

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by bikewithnoname

I always put a little grease on the main locking bolt threads and a little where the bearings meet the axle, never had any problems getting the wheel off (other than the 1 time I was so tired I forget to remove the brake caliper)
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by Weenie

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by ChrizZZz

You should grease the axle and screw definitly!!

Check the screw first by removing the cap with a cassette tool! (left screwed)
Grease the screw on both sides and check if it goes lightly into the lefty by mounting it single without the wheel - so you can check if the thread is allright ;)

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by Jaker

Did you remember the teflon washer that goes between the inside of the hub cap and the head of the axle screw?

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by dwaharvey

Agree with Chrizz, first thing to try is a new bolt with the fork and no wheel. Make sure the threads in the fork are ok. If not, trip to local Cannondale dealer or buy Cannondale's helicoil kit and replace coil in fork.
If threads in fork are ok, make sure you have teflon washer between bolt and hub cover.
The only issues I've experienced remotely like this were 1) a damaged helicoil that worked its way out over time due to the intense friction with the bolt; 2) a fork where the fit between wheel/axle were quite tight and the bolt didn't seem to have enough threads on it to fully disengage the wheel from the fork... led to stripping of threads on tip of bolt.
I suspect the issue is/was the teflon washer missing or misaligned. With anything else you'd also have had trouble installing the wheel I should think.

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