Lightest 29ers out there?

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by Jensa

TheRookie wrote:
Jensa wrote:
TheRookie wrote:Composite materials have a much higher hysteresis (internal damping effect) than steel......I've only had a brief ride on one but it certainly felt better damped than my SID with the rebound set full fast (which kicks back quite nastily, only did it the once after forgetting to reset it after a service).

I wasn't arguing in favour of shortening the travel.

but who rides the SID with "the rebound set full fast "? you mean that the carbon springs flex in one way fast, and slower on the way back? :D
I was just using that as a quick comparison.

No, as with all materials it has a hysteresis, as you bend it, even if it bounces back some energy is absorbed by the material, that's creates a damping effect, in the case of the Lauf if expect the same in compression as in rebound, it is still quite lively, but it doesn't feel undamped.

that energy absorbed should be in both ways. but it will never be as a "real" fork. it least i haven't yet heard someone that say that it is.

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by SRICarbonWorks

With pedals

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