Real lightweigt MTB bike - is it real under 7kg??

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by karlux

Hi there!!

Is it real to make very good MTB bike with front suspension which is under 15.4 lbs. It should be enough stiff to survive after 3 hour riding in some standart UCI MTB race (real rocky downhills and hard uphills)?

Try to shox me??
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Rich Matthews
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by Rich Matthews

Hi Karl,

Hmmm, I wonder if it is, I certainly wouldn't race a sub 16lbs bike period, let alone in a hardcore World Cup event. I know it's more that possible to build up a bike of about that weight, but what with all the carbon fibre, and lightweight Ti bolts etc...all it would take is a crash on a downhill or rocky section, and the bike would fall apart.

I'll stick with my 20lbs thanks :lol:

Would you race a sub 16lbs machine?

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by Weenie

^Dr Evil^

by ^Dr Evil^

18 lbs is about as light as you can build a MTB now, and it will hold up well, as for world cup races there not as tuff as most race courses so you don't even need a sup fork, many of the pros run there fork to where they hardly move at all and are really there just for the company most of the time.

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