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by han1337

Yeah, but power transfer feels completely different from the Shimano SPDs.
It is exactly like speedplay zero road pedals.
They might have some disadvantages .. which I have not found out about yet, but they for sure have a big advantage that is felt immediately. (power transfer)

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by MileHighMark

Yesterday's ride had me walking through lots of slushy, frozen mud. The soles of my shoes ended up getting packed with the stuff. I experienced some very minor difficulty clipping-in a couple of times, but I suspect that SPDs would have been worse. When clipped in, I noticed some resistance in the SYZRs' float, but clipping-out felt pretty similar to dry conditions.
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by bsavery

han1337 wrote:http://www.bikeradar.com/mtb/gear/category/components/pedals/product/review-speedplay-syzr-49951/

the bikeradar review does not look good for speedplay syzr

Yeah I normally quite like James Huang's reviews. But I've ridden mine for about 4 months now on commuter and mt bike. Would disagree with a few things he said:

1. Yes the engagement motion is "different". Though I wouldn't use the term awkward. Feels natural to me.

2. Haven't had mine in super mud but so far that's been great.

3. "On the Syzrs, though, the entry position is the same as your last exit position. For most people, this means that you clip into the pedal with a slight toes-in angle, which feels anything but natural and doesn’t exactly lend itself to quick engagement in technical terrain (or cyclocross, for that matter)." I'm not sure I understand this line in the review at all. In fact I tried to recreate this. When you clip out the cleat is skewed yes, but with the rollers it turns back to normal as you clip back in (straight ahead). Maybe he didn't have his cleats lubed up enough? There's a little lube port on them.

4. Harder to clip in and out of. I wouldn't say harder. They take the slightest more time/thought to do so. I wouldn't really recommend these for and enduro or dh rider where you're in and out all the time. However I do have my spring tension kinda high, so maybe with it lower it would be ok.

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by jfranci3

Question for everyone.... I cracked the body of my Frog. It's $50 for the new body or some used pedals. I use these on my 'one' bike which I have in road mode most of the time and non-road on occasion - never in a downhill/mud fest. I like the easy of use and float with the frogs, don't like the 1000mile cleat life. It sounds like the big difference compared to the Frogs would be ability to take on mud and potential to fall out when your toes are pointed down.

How bad is the disengagement issue? If I lean with my hips at my stem and toes pointed downish, am I going to get nailed in the nuts?

How naturals are the clip-ins? With the frogs, they don't require thought. I can't even tell you what the motion is - I think I just slide my foot forward. It seems like these need to insert the front first then move the heel in ? Can you step into them from the top?

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by InDustWeTrust

stay on frogs or move to Shimano SPD types. I have frog bodyes for sale, used, you can also get the bodies or buy the cromoly ones... frogs has many advantages, durable, and weights little. My frog cleats lasts 5000Km each pair, XC riding/gravel, no pick nics, no walking, no stops, coty riding and walking sometimes though... but yeah, shimano cleats last 3-5 times more and are 5/6 time cheaper... also no duget chinese frogs titanium spindles... Next time i go shimano XTR and put a ti spindle on them. I want to have same cleats for all bikes.

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by mr2scott

I tried Syzrs for about a week, most of the time my feet were flying out of them left and right, especially around uphill tight corners where you almost have to hop the back of the bike around. Then one day i stepped on some wet sand and could clip out easily either foot at all. I was riding home from mountain biking and had to stop at a busy intersection. I some how managed to rip my foot out before coming to a stop and tipping over. I thought I was going to rip the cleat out of the shoe, or pull the shoe apart.
I took them off the bike immediatly and offered to send that type of sand to speedplay.

I will say for a mostly road bike they really do pedal amazing. They feel like you are on road pedals. I just would never use them for MTB or CX.

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